Committee Members

Yahya Madkhali- President

As-salāmuʿalaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu!  Welcome to ISOC! My name is Yahya Madkhali, I am a PhD student in biomedical science & I am also the president of ISOC. I am in charge of running the society and helping out the committee brothers with their tasks and assisting them with their duties. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to email me at:






Busari Moyosore- Treasurer


SYED AMMAR HUSAIN- Social and Sports Secretary

Asalamailakum, my name is Ammar and I will be your sports and social secretary for this year.
My role as a Social Secretary is to effectively communicate and spread awareness of upcoming social activities or events that are taking place. In addition to this, I will allow our own members to help us decide what events we should do as our society.
I have now opened a new role as a Sports Secretary. I feel Sport is a beautiful way in creating unity within our society and making our Ummah even stronger. This can be done by organising and creating regular sport sessions and even matches with other ISOC around the UK for brothers and sisters.
I hope my role will help to maintain positive group dynamics and strengthen connections within our society and with other ISOC societies.
You can contact me at:
Jazakallah Khair


RAZAW KAREEM-  Educational Officer

I am responsible for organising regular circles, classes, and talks that will educate and support students in their studies-Islamic and academic studies. I will also be heavily involved in one of the campaigns, Discover Islam week. You can reach me at:




MOHAMED DAWOOD- Event organiser


SARA KHAN- Campaign Officer


NAHIMA AKTHER- Charity Week Team